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The First Soul   By LK Walsh

The First Soul Front Cover.jpg

"Words mean nothing without action."

In a world that believes in the prophesies written by the fairy Sinclair the First Soul, a boy is born with lavender eyes. These eyes usher in the hope for The Lavender Soul, a person who will be a warrior of light.

Because of the color of his eyes Draven and his family are thrust into the spotlight and showered with riches and power. Sinclair and his wife Majlis steal Draven to be raised with the wisdom of the fairies and a heart for service.


But the question is, what is to be done when one gets a taste for the power that thrives in fear's long shadow?

The Lavender Soul  By LK Walsh

"Only by passing through the gate of White Fire can the Lavender Soul awaken the Golden Dragon, who will deliver Arivos’ Justice and Grace to all of Zerahlinda.”

Join the Adventure!

Zerahlinda is a world in which the eyes truly are the windows to the soul, and a prophesy dictates that a person with lavender eyes will vanquish all evil. 


Vera may have lavender eyes, but she doesn't believe the stories. She is thrust into an adventure around the world she has been isolated from her entire life to find out what she was made for, and if she can conquer the monsters, both in the world, and in her mind. 

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